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What is ecoGutterGuards made of ?
.027” thick aluminum and has a lifetime warranty.

Will it handle heavy rain?
Yes, it has been tested to handle up to 29 inches of rain per hour -that’s more than
double the highest ever recorded (Holt, Missouri 1947 at 12”).

Can Squirrels or birds enter or build a nest ?
No, it completely covers your gutters and is made of sturdy aluminum and cannot be
chewed through.

Will it change the appearance of my house?
No it’s design is low profile. The low profile makes it invisible.

Will it prevent ice dams?
Ice dams are caused by inadequate insulation or ventilation. EcoGutterguards will
keep your gutters flowing thus will reduce the amount of ice in the gutter but not the
ice on the roof.  So no it will not prevent ice dams.

Will I have to maintain or clean my gutters?
Maintenance or cleaning will be little to none at all. It is guaranteed to be clog free
so the gutters will always flow. If you notice some debris on your system, simply  brush
it off or rinse it with a hose.This is for aesthetic purpose only, your gutters will always flow.